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HelloFresh wins Supply Chain Management Award 2021 –
fulfillmenttools receives Smart Solution Award 2021


The cooking box provider HelloFresh has won the Supply Chain Management Award for 2021. The award was presented for the 16 th year by Strategy&, the global strategy consulting team at PwC, and by the industry trade journal LOGISTIK HEUTE, a publication of HUSS-VERLAG in Munich. The Smart Solution Award, presented for the fourth year in 2021, was given to fulfillmenttools.


What is the Supply Chain Management Award?

The Supply Chain Management Award is given by Strategy& and PwC, the strategy consultancy of PwC, and the journal LOGISTIK HEUTE of HUSS-VERLAG, Munich, for the 17 th time in 2022.

The respected Supply Chain Management Award recognizes outstanding and implemented supply chain management concepts that are game-changing for other companies as well. It acknowledges solutions that help improve competitiveness and are game-changing for other companies.

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What is the Smart Solution Award?

The Smart Solution Award, first presented in 2018, honors supply chain solutions that are still in an early stage of implementation.

Therefore, the Smart Solution Award is awarded for particularly innovative concepts. With this prize, solutions are honored that have the potential to fundamentally change traditional value chains in the future .

The award recognizes powerful end-to-end supply chain solutions and outstanding implementations within individual links in the value chain.

By supply chain experts. With supply chain experts. For supply chain experts.


The mission of the Supply Chain Management Award is to honor companies that have taken a systematic or unconventional approach to optimizing their supply chain.

For the 16th time now, the focus was on unique ideas and unique supply chain managers. The competing concepts featured individual ideas and solutions, implemented in the companies with great persistence and dedication.

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15 Years Supply Chain Management Award

The audit

The process of evaluating the submissions plays a pivotal role. In recognition of this significance, the auditing committee is composed of representatives of the trade journal LOGISTIK HEUTE, and consultants from Strategy& and PwC.

The experts begin by evaluating the submitted entries and identifying the best ideas. The next step is to visit and interview the companies with outstanding ideas. Only after all questions have been answered does the committee decide on the finalists.

The most convincing applicants met for the finalist pitches on November 16. In the final round, the companies presented their concepts live to the jury.

At the awards ceremony, which followed on November 18, the curtain was ceremoniously raised. The winners were officially recognized for their winning concepts. The event participants and the award winners were also able to enjoy an exciting keynote address, laudators and exchanges within the supply chain community at the award ceremony.


The winners of the Supply Chain Management Award 2021 and the Smart Solution Award 2021 were chosen live at the online event. And in a one-of-a-kind twist, all the experts in attendance could add their votes as well. The results were then passed to the jury, which deliberated right then and there.


The expert jury

The expert jury is as unique as the concept of the Supply Chain Awards.

It complements the auditing committee and is composed of people who work in the field – supply chain experts in industrial enterprises, academics, consultants, and representatives of the trade media.

This ensures that all perspectives of the supply chain are represented.

The applicants

Past applicants have included small and medium-sized businesses as well as global enterprises.

All the companies have one thing in common: They place a premium on an optimized supply chain, which is key to their success.

But another critical ingredient is the passion that the supply chainers bring to the table to make their new ideas and challenging concepts come alive.


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Dr. Patric Spethmann,
Gries Deco Company GmbH / DEPOT



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Dr. Bernd Rosenkranz,


Winner of the Supply Chain Management Award 2015


Johannes Giloth,
Nokia Networks


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