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All about Sourcing

All about Sourcing reports 9x per year on professional practice and supply chain-related issues. The focus is on suppliers, logistics, countries, procurement, markets, new products, business strategies in purchasing, logistics and materials management.   All about Sourcing covers all import supply chain areas. Management boards, managing directors and executives in purchasing, logistics and materials management find in All about Sourcing exclusive articles, market reports, purchasing guides, product and supply overviews, trade fair guides and a lot more.


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German magazine for supply management Official organ of BME e.V. Federal Association of Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics, Frankfurt, Germany

Beschaffung aktuell


The big management magazine for logistics, business, supply-chain-management, procurement, technology + IT.


dhf intralogistik

The international journal dhf intralogistics deals with the entire field of intralogistics, conveyor, storage and transport technology, with rationalization of conveyor and storage processes, also mechanization and automation of the internal flow of materials and also design, operational method, equipment, planning, installations and systems of all types of conveyors. It provides special information and allows an exchange between the specialists of planning, production, organization and design.



digitalbusiness CLOUD is a solution-oriented professional magazine for IT decision-makers in small, medium and largeenterprises and organizations. Today, software and hardware solutions need to be at least ready for the cloud as for companies not to lose touch with current developments.



The trade journal ‘dispo’ was founded 47 years ago, as a polytechnic trade journal for industry purchasors. In 1994, it focused on logistics and dispo has been the first logistics trade journal in Austria. With its four headings business, logistics solutions, logistics centers and forwarding + freight dispo covers the full range of logistics content. With its selected "Case Studies" and its "Theme of the month" it offers current information and qualitative insider news from the industry. Dispo is the official organ of BVL Austria.



FM is the trade magazine for the decision taking responsables in industry, trade and services. Logistics is covered in its entirety, and therefore user- and solutions-oriented. This magazine is a known entity in intra-company logistics including the interfaces to transports. Regularly held trend surveys provide in-depth and useful support for decisions on investments within the logistics sector. FM ' s editorial core competences are - Internal Logistics: materials management including all necessary facilities, devices and technologies - Information Logistics: Soft- and hardware for collecting data, controlling and managing logistics processes in an automated environment. - Integrated Logistics: Supply Chain Management in interaction of transportation, added value services and external consultants.   Published monthly with double issues 1-2, 7-8, 11-12 Verlag Industrie und Logistik GmbH, Stuttgart


Hebezeuge Fördermittel

Trade magazine for materials handling.
Hebezeuge Fördermittel gives detailed coverage of the entire spectrum of intralogistics and themes connected with lifting and material-handling technology. It presents new equipment, systems and components that are setting the pace, and selected examples of material-flow and material-handling projects implemented in Germany and abroad. Exclusive user reports and a description of groundbreaking pilot systems are recurring elements in the magazine. The articles in Hebezeuge Fördermittel offer key support in decision-making, planning, organisation, construction and manufacture of optimised material-handling solutions, whether stand-alone or system-integrated.



Germanys leading magazine for automatic data capture & identification. The magazine ident has been the official publication of the AIM-D e. V. For over 20 years, ident has been making its contribution towards providing readers and future users with information about Technologies such as Barcode (1D+2D), RFID, Labeling, Mobile IT Systems, Print & Apply, Logistics Software and Sensors in their various technological manifestations and fields of application. Accompanying these thematic areas, ident is now making an information portal and the “ident Market – The Suppliers Directory” available to its readers and other interested persons on the internet.


Il Giornale della Logistica

IL GIORNALE DELLA LOGISTICA is the Italian leading magazine for all logistics operators: news, case histories, new trends from the warehouse to the manager’s desk. In the dynamic world of logistics the magazine IL GIORNALE DELLA LOGISTICA (10 issues/year) has brought a strong innovation in the way of offering specialized information. With a pragmatic, authoritative and definite language it is the ultimate magazine for all operators of the branch and for the enterprises aiming to improve their logistics. In each issue you find technical, economic and management topics, as well as the special format “Magazine of the Month” and exclusive interviews.


Lager & Transport Logistikmagasinet

Magazine dealing with topics in the market and branch of transport, warehouse and logistics. In a world and in a market with growing demands for supply chain efficiency, state-of-the-art solutions for warehouse and logistics have become increasingly important. The Danish magazine, Lager & Transport Logistikmagasinet, is dealing with almost all the questions and topics connected to the world of logistics. Case stories, news on the latest developments, discussions of legislation and political points of views mingle with reporting of the worldnews of equipment from the technical evolution and green solutions from all corners of the World.


Logistics Business Magazine

Magazine with all aspects of technology and services spanning the entire supply chain - From materials handling and warehousing equipment to transport and distribution technology and services, IT hardware and software for logistics.

Logistic Business Magazine

LOGISTIK express

Journal & News portal for decision makers from industry, trade, transport, purchasing and logistics in the German region. Our news portal counts with more than 44,000 articles of the most comprehensive logistics portals in the German-speaking countries - also "in English". The LOGISTIK express Journal is published 4 times a year with reports of intralogistics, transport logistics and career. On the B2B platform you can search, find and network within the industry worldwide.

LOGISTIK express


Trade magazine for logistics manager The trade magazine LOGISTIK HEUTE is targeted at managers in industry, commerce and the services sector who have responsibility for and control of in-company logistics processes. Procurement, distribution and waste disposal – logistics is involved in all of them. That´s why the concept behind LOGISTIK HEUTE is tailored consistently to the entire supply chain. Independent editors and experts from research and day-to-day business bring up-to-date reports on innovative logistics concepts, new products, ideas and trends in all areas of the delivery chain. Comprehensive market reviews and company reports round off the spectrum of logistics themes each month.



Logistics is a highly dynamic, rapidly growing market of the future. With annual revenues exceeding €225 billion and some 2.85 million employees, it stands as one of the most important industries in the German economy. Like most industries, the logistics industry is changing and growing amid disruptions, innovations, crises, and challenges. Logistik-Watchblog illuminates all this with critical analysis and a long-term perspective, providing valuable insight into current logistics developments in Germany and beyond through background reporting, interviews, and guest pieces by industry experts.

Logistik watchblog


Practice knowledge for intralogistics and works transportation system Practical, user-oriented and clearly written, LOGISTRA reports on new and tried-and-tested solutions and products in warehouse logistics and commercial vehicle fleets. Published 8 times a year
HUSS-VERLAG GmbH, München, Germany



Trade magazine for professional logistics


Mainblick – Partners for Strategy and Communications

The Frankfurt-based communications specialists have a passion for the transport, logistics, mobility, and automotive sectors. The long-term customer base also includes businesses from the areas of energy and human resources. Mainblick develops and implements communications projects that fit the corporate culture of its customers and above all help them achieve their objectives. Mainblick focuses on strategy and communications and is committed to structure, walking its customers through all key phases of communications – from order clarification to idea development, implementation, and optimization. This ensures messaging that makes the greatest possible impact. Eight experts, most with a background in journalism, form a focused, fast, and highly organized team. Mainblick knows the value of commitments and builds respectful customer relationships. The agency has a large and solid network that is constantly growing. Above all, the communications specialists at Mainblick are experts when it comes to building new relationships between people and organizations – laying the groundwork for new ideas and partnerships to flourish and new business potential to unfold.



Das Fachmagazin für das Fachmagazin rund um die Intralogistik, richtet sich an die Logistikleiter und Verantwortlichen der innerbetrieblichen Logistik. Branchenübergreifend berichtet Materialfluss über Technik, Trends, Anwendungen und Produkte und fasst Meinungen rund um die Intralogistik kompetent und teilweise exklusiv zusammen. Mit einer Auflage von circa 20.000 Exemplaren und im 46. Jahrgang im Jahr 2015 glänzt Materialfluss mit  jahrzehntelang entwickeltem Fachwissen und einer klar definierten Zielgruppe. Erscheinungsweise: 10 Ausgaben im Jahr JM Fachmedien GmbH, Landsberg



It is Supply Chain Media’s mission to connect supply chain professionals by gathering, generating and sharing knowledge, both in The Netherlands and internationally. To do so, the media company works in close collaboration with a select group of premium partners to develop various editorial concepts.

Supply Chain Media has extensive experience of a broad spectrum of supply chain management publications and communication channels, both in print and online. Supply Chain Media is best known for its Dutch-language publication Supply Chain Magazine, the English-language magazine, Supply Chain Movement.


Supply Chain Monitor

 The leading Hungarian trade magazine specialized in logistics and supply chain solutions covering all those issues which are the most actual trends in Hungary and in the EU. The magazine focuses on supply chain and logistics professionals and reflects the strategies and practices reshaping this sector. Each issue addresses critical concerns for the supply chain including manufacturing, warehousing, material handling, transportation, distribution, information technology, global logistics...



Tranzit is the leading magazine in Romania for transport and logistics, member of International Van of the Year, Truck of the Year, Forlift of the Year and Trailer Innovation juries. The magazine organizes every year 4-5 transport & logistics conference (two days events) in different cities of Romania, with a huge number of participants – between 200 and 400 people – Tranzit events being better rated than the exhibitions in the region. Last event of the year is the Awarding Ceremony of the most efficient transport and logistics companies and managers, based on a large inquiry that begins with the analysis of the financial figures got in the previous fiscal year, the investments done in the business, the relationship with the customers, suppliers and the employees.



Sabine Ursel is a journalist, author and communication expert. She has a huge network in the buyers community and many years of experience and valuable knowledge in the fields of media (concepts and design of newspapers, magazines, business newsletters, books), associations (procurement, materials management, logistics) and economic journalism. Portfolio: specialist articles, reportages, brochures, speeches/statements, ghostwriting, project support, press relations + PR for companies, graphic + layout, development of websites + apps

Sabine Ursel

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