If sharing is the new buying, then what is the new supply chain?


Jonathan Wichmann

Social Business Strategist & Co-Founder at Orca Social  


Day 1 Keynote: How the crowd changes supply chains

Session 6: Disruptive Change

Jonathan Wichmann is the “1-Million-Likes-Hero”. For danish shipping line giant Maersk he established a social media reputation, what many consumer brands could only dream of. Since october 2013 he rethinks the two main topics of his outstanding career: social media & supply chain. As a social strategist he is interested in social media, makers’ movement, shareconomy, collaborative consumption – and how these developments affect the supply chain. In his blog “The Digital Blueprint” he sketches “the new digital landscapes”. Jonathan is one of the founders of Orca Social. He is 35 years old and lives in Copenhagen with his wife and three sons.


                     Supply Chain Management | Finance | Logistic | Purchasing   
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